Great Ape – 10x
Super Saiyan – 50x
Super Saiyan Grade 2 – 75x
Super Saiyan Grade 3 – 115x
Super Saiyan 2 – 100x
Super Saiyan 3 – 400x

Fusion <A Max> + <B Max> x Plot

    [Great Ape, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3 all have officially-stated power boosts from at least one solid source each. Grade 2 is a moderately good boost over Super Saiyan, balancing speed and power with some extra strain and energy waste. I've decided to treat Grade 3 as a little bit stronger than SS2 (so that both Goku and Trunks can amply surpass various versions of Cell) because it focuses too much on raw power, but its crippling energy drain and speed deficiency leaves it markedly inferior to the latter’s more balanced boosts.
The mastered version of Super Saiyan, once labeled “Grade 4,” does not grant any additional power over the regular unmastered version, but eliminates all excess stress and energy waste in order to maximize the form’s effectiveness and leave it more useful overall than Grade 2 or 3. For Fusion, I've switched to a new system where the Fusion process takes everything the two individuals have under the hood then multiplies it a few times over (depending on method, compatibility, Dance proficiency, in-sync-ness, etc) to create a super-powerful base form, which then gets much smaller transformation multipliers in return.]


Son Goku334
    Un-weighted – 416
    Kamehameha – 924+
Piccolo 322
    Un-weighted – 408
    Makankosappo #1 – 1,330
    Makankosappo #2 – 1,480
Son Gohan 1
    Upset – 710
    Angry – 1307
Muten Roshi 139
Kuririn 206
Tenshinhan 250
    [Official and stated levels all around. There’s a lot of theories that could be thrown around and explored about what might or might not be Goku and Piccolo’s true full powers during this fight, but I don’t want to willingly invite the headache.]
Piccolo 1,220
    Full Power – 3,500
Son Gohan 981
    Angry Masenko – 2,800
    Great Ape – 6,000
[Meek little Gohan doesn’t quite measure up to his elders until he gets pissed off and unleashes a big anger-fueled Masenko, and even that apparently still doesn’t match up to the best that Piccolo can pull off. Plus, Piccolo noting that Gohan’s power can surpass his own at times like this doesn’t guarantee that it will. Gohan was quite beaten up by the time he transformed, and even having him still at 600 or so seems almost too generous in light of that, but his Great Ape power was still too much for a likewise beaten-up Vegeta to handle.]
Kuririn 1,083
    Full Power – 1,770
Tenshinhan 1,830
Chaozu 610
Yajirobe 970
    [More official levels all around.]
Kami 220
Mr. Popo 1,030
    [I, among others, reason that these official levels apply to these two in the Saiyan arc, after Popo has been personally training the Earthlings and Kami hasn’t done much of anything but stand around and be really, REALLY old. Flash back to almost 10 years ago, when they first debuted after the mess with King Piccolo, and their power levels could be anything you want.]
Saibaimen ~ 1,200
    [Yay, official numbers.]
Nappa 4,000
    “Full Power” – 4,500
    (Max Vs Goku – ~6,000?)

    [Many power levels enthusiasts will no doubt be delighted to learn that official evidence does in fact exist to support Nappa having a battle power higher than his commonly-listed 4,000. An old pamphlet for movie 3 listed him at 4,500 instead. Absolutely groundbreaking.

    On top of that, according to Toriyama there's apparently a thing where if Saiyans can hang in there and keep fighting well in an uphill battle, their power will actually rapidly rise to close the gap. This may be what happened for Nappa towards the end of his fight when he actually started challenging Goku, but isn't really necessary, so I included it as a hypothetical. Since he lacks the ability to willingly raise or lower his power level, this is the best Nappa can hope for when it comes to "powering up."]
Vegeta 18,000
    Great Ape – 90,000
    Battle-Worn – 9,000
    [Vegeta had, like Gohan above, taken quite a beating by the time he went Great Ape. Not to mention simply creating the fake moon to transform drained even more power from him. But his strength once he did was still far more than Goku could handle, even with a hypothetical Kaio-Ken x5. His power after being ripped out of the form and then hit with a Spirit Bomb was still enough to take out everyone else, but not enough to handle getting a giant semi-Great Ape Gohan dropped on him.]
Son Goku 5,000
    Full Power – 8,000
    Kaio-Ken/x2 – 16,000
    Kaio-Ken x3 – 24,000
    Kaio-Ken x4 – 32,000
[These numbers for Goku are all pretty self-explanatory. There’s a plethora of potential explanations for why Vegeta wasn’t wiped out or even seriously wounded by Goku’s KKx4 Kamehameha. His own Gallic Gun lessened the impact, Goku’s power was less than the full 32,000 because of the strain of his prior KKx3, Vegeta’s just a durable mofo… and so forth. Take your pick.]
Son Gohan 1,400
    Vs. Ginyu Force – 14,000
Kuririn 1,800
    Vs. Ginyu Force – 13,000
    [Pretty sure the 14 and 13 thousand numbers for these two against the Ginyu Force are official. The pre-unlocking numbers here would average out to the “about 1,500” that was used against the two Freeza goons who showed up and wrecked the ship. ]
    Power Unlocked – 2,000
    [Not enough power level lists include Dende, if you ask me.]
    Vs. Nail – 85,000
    [Freeza is kind enough to let us and Nail know his “true” power level at this point, though he says he won’t use all of it against Nail. That 85,000 figure from the Movie 3 pamphlet is awfully convenient to have laying around.]
Vegeta 24,000
    Vs. Zarbon, Recoome – 30,000
    Transformed – 32,000
    Roughed Up – 27,000
    [Kwi, Dodoria, and pretty-boy Zarbon’s power levels are official, as is Vegeta’s when he fought them. Zarbon’s power when transformed as well as Vegeta’s during their rematch are just conjecture. Vegeta would actually be “almost 30,000,” as (eventually) stated in the manga, but rounding is par for the course with power levels. I think Zarbon was probably still a little ahead of him, but Vegeta’s tactics and effective first strike in their rematch let him undo that advantage and gain the edge in their fight.]
Gurd 6,000
Recoome 42,000
Butta 41,000
Jheese 45,000
Captain Ginyu 120,000
    In Goku's body – 23,000
    [The numbers for the Ginyu Force members (save for Ginyu himself, both while in his own body and Goku’s) are obviously conjecture. The 40k-ish range is near-universally considered a good place to put them all, with Ginyu figuring that a roughly 60k power could school them the way Goku did. Plus, Vegeta put up an admirable fight against Recoome, but ultimately did little more than superficial damage.
Butta and Jheese are stated to have about the same amount of Ki as Recoome, though I gave Jheese a very slight edge over the other two, what with him supposedly being second-in-command and my suspicion that his “specialty” is Ki attacks (given his ‘Crusher Ball’ attack being treated like something special). Gurd, the exception, is a relative weakling whom Gohan and Kuririn would have easily spanked if not for his time-stopping and telekinesis powers.]
Son Goku 90,000
    Suppressed – 5,000
    Kaio-Ken – 180,000
    [Goku being at 5,000 while suppressed and at 180,000 with a Kaio-Ken are stated in the manga, and his normal 90,000 level is easy enough to extrapolate from the latter as well as listed in the guidebooks.]
Vegeta 250,000
    "Super Saiyan" – 2,300,000
Piccolo 35,000
    Merged with Nail – 1,500,000
Son Gohan 200,000
    Angry – Lots more.
Kuririn 75,000
    [Vegeta’s power in the first round against Freeza is an official number. A little hard to swallow, but no more so than Nappa’s (…wait a sec). He was depending a lot on his backup and everyone’s power continuing to increase. His “Super Saiyan” power is at least stronger than third-form Freeza, but still easily wrecked by what Freeza’s true form ended up packing.
    Piccolo’s levels before and after his merger with Nail are just my best guesses. Pre-merger, he was strong enough to impress Nail and confident about taking on a power which he only knew was even greater than Vegeta’s on Earth. Some may see “only” 35k as low-balling him a bit, but 10x his prior strength seems pretty darn impressive to me for the short amount of time he’d been training on Kaio’s. His post-merger level is strong enough to tango with second-form Freeza on equal footing.
    Gohan and Kuririn’s levels are official numbers, supposedly at the start of the fight with Freeza, but they could also be at the end for all I know. Either way, Gohan’s power increased by a noticeable chunk after he was beaten up by Freeza and then healed by Dende.]
Son Goku 3,000,000
    Kaio-Ken x10 – 30,000,000
    Kaio-Ken x20 – 60,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 150,000,000
    [Most official power levels in the guidebooks are for Goku, and most others stem from characters matching up against Goku in some way. Goku’s completely covered by official numbers for his battle with Freeza. He seems to do well enough against Freeza, until the tyrant starts using his 50% power or something close to it. Goku needs to use the Kaio-Ken x10 just to not get killed, much less keep putting up a fight. A Kamehameha fueled by a Kaio-Ken x20 only matches Freeza’s 50% and annoys him. But finally, a whopping 50x increase from Super Saiyan makes Goku superior to Freeza even at 100%, and lands him the title of the new strongest dude in the universe.]
Freeza (First Form) – 530,000
Second Form – 1,100,000
    Power-Up 1 – 1,300,000
    Power-Up 2 – 1,500,000
Third Form – 2,000,000
True Form – 4,000,000
    50% Power – 60,000,000
    100% Power – 120,000,000
    [Freeza does a LOT of transforming and powering-up, but since we’ve got a starting and ending level for him, it’s easy enough to place his forms in between. His first form has a stated maximum right in the manga. His second form starts out at “over one million,” before powering up twice (Vs. Gohan, then Vs. Piccolo). His third form is too much for Piccolo to handle. His true form is beyond Vegeta’s expectations, and only Goku can stand up to it. Then we’ve got an official 50% and maximum power to go by, each matching up with Goku in various ways.]
Future Gohan3,200,000
    Super Saiyan – 160,000,000
Kid Trunks50,000
    Super Saiyan – 2,500,000
Future Android 17320,000,000
Future Android 18300,000,000
    [Young Trunks is, apparently, still quite the work in progress, and weak enough compared to Gohan that his elder can repel his Super Saiyan blows in just his normal form. The last time they fought, Android 17 used “less than half” of his power to beat Gohan, and, not knowing that, Gohan thinks he can beat the Androids now. He’s woefully mistaken. So I put Gohan right at actually half of 17's power.
    The Androids are said to be moderately less powerful than their “past” selves, and while for a long time I resisted the idea, apathy has changed my mind. There’s a whole heckuva lot of potential reasons why they’re less powerful – I favor the idea that their maximum level simply degrades over time with heavy use of their power, the same way a rechargeable battery will hold less and less juice later into its lifespan.]
Cyborg Freeza 3,000,000
    Maximum – 150,000,000
King Cold 4,000,000
    Unseen Transformed Max – 80,000,000
    [Freeza’s become strong enough through his new cybernetic enhancements that he thinks he can defeat Goku now, so I figure he’s at least probably matched him. But since Goku got stronger as well, the difference between them hasn’t really changed, and on top of that nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition Trunks to show up.
    King Cold is said to be somewhat weaker than Freeza, and while one of the Dragon Books alleges that he can transform, we’re still in the dark about whether we saw him in his true form or a suppressive one. Based on appearance it's most likely a suppressive one, but regardless, I think this is where he’d cap out at his absolute best.]
Trunks 3,400,000
    Super Saiyan – 170,000,000
Son Goku 3,600,000
    Super Saiyan – 180,000,000
[Trunks is stronger now than Gohan when he died, but still gets his ass whooped by his future Androids on a regular basis (even while they apparently hold back on him somewhat like they did with Gohan). He’s at least able to smoke Freeza with relative ease, though it’s likely Freeza didn’t get a chance to go up to 100% power. Goku is a bit stronger than Trunks, impressing him greatly even though neither of them really put much effort into their little test-skirmish.]
                        SO MANY ANDROIDS, SO LITTLE TIME
Son Goku 5,000,000
Super Saiyan – 250,000,000
Sick – 220,000,000
Sick and Drained – 50,000,000
Vegeta 5,500,000
Super Saiyan – 275,000,000
Drained – 80,000,000
Trunks 4,400,000
Super Saiyan – 220,000,000
    [Goku has improved a lot, but I reckon not as much as he could have, since he started out training with people much weaker than him. His power would only increase substantially once Piccolo gained enough power to be a worthwhile sparring partner for a Super Saiyan, and that probably would have taken a while. His initial power even while sick is still pretty damn impressive, and presumably even greater than whatever his friends felt from him three years prior. But his condition eventually gets bad enough that, combined with 19 absorbing his Ki, he ends up helpless.
    Vegeta, meanwhile, worked his ass off and in addition to finally becoming a Super Saiyan he's also managed to become even stronger than Goku. His power is drained enough from Android 19’s absorption and pulling off a Big Bang Attack finisher that he’d most likely have lost to Android 20.
Trunks has also improved decently in whatever time he had, but he doesn’t quite measure up to Goku or Vegeta, though he’s still considered in the same general range as them.]
Piccolo 180,000,000
Gohan 4,000,000
Kuririn 150,000
Tenshinhan 60,000
    [Piccolo and Gohan have both benefited greatly from training with Goku; Piccolo’s now way up there in the same broad tier as the Super Saiyans, and Gohan would also be so if he was... well, a Super Saiyan. But he’s not yet, so yeah. He's at least moderately stronger than Trunks was 3 years ago, given his "confidence" about fighting the Androids.
    The Earthlings have improved as well, though mostly through the Namekian Grand Elder’s ritual for Kuririn and training on Kaio’s for the others. Given his official-as-it-gets stated superiority throughout the rest of the series and even as late as Battle of Gods… Kuririn’s still got a very wide lead on the others at this point, with even Tenshinhan only pushing half his strength (and that’s being generous).]
Android 19 60,000,000+
Android 20 (Dr. Gero) 80,000,000+
    [Androids 19 and 20 start off relatively low-powered compared to the heroes, before increasing their power substantially through absorbing Ki. But wherever they ended up, it’s clearly still not enough. 19 gets obliterated by Vegeta before long, and 20 soon after gets manhandled by Piccolo.]
Android 18 320,000,000
Android 17 340,000,000
Android 16 480,000,000
[THESE Androids, on the other hand, are quite a different story. Vegeta puts up an admirable fight against No. 18 at first, until she stops screwing around and completely schools him. 17 is even stronger than her, fighting equally with the merged Piccolo later. 16 is even significantly stronger than that, even though he doesn’t opt to show it until later against Cell.]
Piccolo (Re-Merged) 360,000,000
    [Piccolo’s a total powerhouse after his re-merger with Kami, trumping the Super Saiyans and Cell’s initial power, and proving an even match for Android 17. Big Green had a slight edge in raw power, while 17's got an advantage in speed and resilience, not to mention that pesky "never tiring" thing. Piccolo sadly gets his butt kicked when Cell shows up drastically stronger after absorbing a bunch of humans, though.]
Cell (Stage 1) 285,000,000
    Humans Absorbed – 500,000,000
Cell (Stage 2) 600,000,000
    Full Power – 750,000,000
Perfect Cell 900,000,000
    Vs Vegeta & Trunks – 1,500,000,000
    [Cell starts out already a smidge stronger than the Super Saiyans but still weaker than Piccolo and the Android twins. He comes back stronger than all of the above but still only equal with Android 16. After absorbing No. 17 and transforming, Cell can now school all his prior foes, but even after powering up further he gets his butt kicked by “Super Vegeta.” After weaseling his way into also absorbing No. 18 and reaching his perfect form, he still seems inferior to Vegeta at first. But after getting serious he’s only surpassed — though obviously not defeated — by Trunks’ fantastic-but-flawed Super Saiyan Grade 3 power.]
Vegeta 16,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 800,000,000
    Super Saiyan Grade 2 – 1,200,000,000
Trunks 15,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 750,000,000
    Super Saiyan Grade 2 – 1,100,000,000
    Super Saiyan Grade 3 – 1,700,000,000
    [After his first session in the Room of Spirit and Time, Vegeta comes out fantastically more powerful than before. He’s implied to already be a match for 2nd-form Cell with just Super Saiyan, yet he cements his superiority by using Grade 2. But it’s not enough against Perfect Cell, who whoops his butt good.
Trunks is “almost as strong” as Vegeta overall, and shows the same prowess with Grade 2. But after Vegeta’s beaten, he goes even further by using Grade 3. His power in the form manages to surpass Perfect Cell’s at the time, but its speed-killing drawbacks cripple the form’s effectiveness in battle and prevent him from winning the fight.]
                        SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?
Mister Satan6
    [The strongest man in the world… among regular human schmoes, anyway.]
Perfect Cell 3,200,000,000
    Worn Out – 2,000,000,000
    Full Power – 4,800,000,000
    Bulked Up – 6,400,000,000
    "Super Perfect" – 7,200,000,000
    [Cell starts the party off at a level which allows he and Goku to have a fantastic fight, one which leaves Cell worn-out enough that everybody (well, Piccolo and the Super Saiyans) could gang up on him and beat him, before Goku goes “nah” and gives him a Senzu. After Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2, Cell responds by upping the ante to his full power… which Gohan proceeds to pummel easily and relentlessly. Cell takes things even further, adopting more power in a speed-hindered Grade-3 type of form, but even with that he still doesn’t measure up to Gohan. After nearly dying and regenerating, Cell has gained a new Super Saiyan 2-like “Super Perfect” state, which is a titch stronger than Gohan and nearly beats him. Nearly.]
Cell Juniors2,000,000,000
    [The Cell Juniors are wickedly strong little buggers, giving Vegeta and Trunks a tough uphill battle. Piccolo also manages to remain standing against them, but Goku is pretty much helpless, being too worn out after his fight with Cell. I'm not even gonna bother quantifying how badly they outclass the Earthlings. They get massacred in one hit each by a blood-lusted Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, though.]
Son Goku 56,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 2,800,000,000
    Tired – 1,000,000,000
    [After emerging from the Room of Spirit and Time, just roughly half of Goku’s power is already fantastic and surpasses “Super Vegeta.” His full power at the Cell Games outstrips all the other heroes (except Gohan) and gives Cell the fight of his life, but he’s left too tuckered out from it to put up a fight against the Cell Junior who targets him.]
Son Gohan 70,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 3,500,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2 – 7,000,000,000
    Injured – 3,000,000,000
    Final Kamehameha Burst – 8,000,000,000+
    [Given how Gohan was so strong that it seemed like Goku and Cell were holding back to him, I’m gonna say he had quite a power advantage over his dad, and even an edge over the power Cell was using to fight them both. It’s just that his passiveness and hesitance to fight don’t let him make much use of it at first. But when Gohan does let loose, he goes Super Saiyan 2 and doubles his power level, becoming so strong that Cell can’t measure up to him even with two sizable power-ups of his own.
    When injured by Super Perfect Cell’s unexpectedly strong attack, Gohan loses more than half his power, and is quickly losing the subsequent Kamehameha clash. But he manages to summon his full power back at the crucial final moment and overcome Cell. That’s labeled as his “greatest power” by a few sources, so I figure he must have pushed himself at least a bit beyond his prior normal SS2 power]

Vegeta 40,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 2,000,000,000
Trunks 36,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 1,800,000,000
Piccolo 1,300,000,000
    [Gohan and Goku aren’t the only ones who improved. Vegeta and Trunks’ second trips into the Room of Spirit and Time, and Piccolo’s first, results in all of them powering up quite a bit. Vegeta now considers himself at least strong enough to defeat the Cell who beat him, with Trunks not too far behind, and both of them have apparently ditched the superfluous ‘Grade’ transformations in favor of working with good ol’ regular Super Saiyan the same way Goku and Gohan did. Piccolo’s made considerable gains as well, noted as being “on a whole different level” by Goku, though still not strong enough to measure up to Cell.
I decided to list a "rage boosted" level for Vegeta here, sort of as a quasi-retcon tie-in to Battle of Gods. Because why the heck not? Still doesn’t let him do much against Super Perfect Cell either way.]
                        BACK TO THE FUTURE
Future Android 17260,000,000
Future Android 18240,000,000
Trunks 34,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 1,800,000,000
3 Years Later – 50,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 2,500,000,000
    [The future Androids 17 and 18 are both just as strong as when last Trunks faced them. Trunks, however, has gotten a LOT stronger during his excellent adventure through time, and he quickly and easily reduces them both to crispy little chunks.

    When Cell shows up, he thinks there’s no way Trunks could have defeated the Androids, much less beat him, which would probably mean he’s snacked on enough Earthlings to be stronger than them. Or so he thinks. Sadly for him, he’s wrong. So very, very wrong. Even more wrong than he would have been 3 years ago, since now Trunks has gotten even stronger. Not massively stronger since he’s got no training partners around, but still quite a bit.]
Son Gohan 65,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 3,300,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2 – 6,000,000,000
    Ultimate Warrior – 150,000,000,000
    [Gohan’s become somewhat weaker since the Cell Games, what with slacking off the whole time and all. But to reconcile some guidebook information with the manga, I'll say most of his power loss is “from the top down” and mostly limited to Super Saiyan 2, though the energy from him in that form is still enough to restore almost half of Majin Boo’s power all at once. Gohan's apparent inability or unwillingness to pull out SS2 on command means he has an uphill fight against Dabra. But once the Elder Kaioshin pulls out all his dormant power and more, 'Ultimate' Gohan is then on a whole different level of raw strength, soundly surpassing SS3 Goku and even edging out SS3 Gotenks.]
Vegeta 72,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 3,600,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2 – 7,200,000,000
Dormant power unleashed – 90,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 4,500,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2 – 9,000,000,000
    [Along with gaining Super Saiyan 2 through training, Vegeta’s become slightly stronger than Gohan from seven years ago, and especially stronger than the weaker current Gohan. But despite how much he’s improved, he’s still Goku’s clear inferior until he lets Bobbidi give him a boost. Since that was accomplished through a fairly standard potential-unlocking, distinctly separate from the brainwashing spell, there’s no indication or reason to believe Vegeta lost that extra power due to himself or Bobbidi dying. So he remains at this equal-to-Goku level through the rest of the arc.]
Son Goku 90,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 4,500,000,000
    Super Saiyan 2 – 9,000,000,000
    Super Saiyan 3 – 36,000,000,000
    [Goku’s improved a lot from training for 7 years in the afterlife, and at the Boo arc’s onset he is now the top Super Saiyan once again, especially with his brand-new Super Saiyan 3. He could have taken out Fat Boo if he wanted to, and could also have managed to beat Pure Boo later if Super Saiyan 3’s energy drain hadn’t gotten the best of him.]
Piccolo 1,800,000,000
    [Piccolo’s always training and has no doubt become more powerful, though with the world at peace and the Super Saiyans soundly outclassing him, he probably only trains on a more casual level nowadays. So his increases aren’t much compared to that of Goku or Vegeta, and he’s well behind not just the Super Saiyans but also both Kaioshin and Dabra.]
Mr. Satan6.66
    After Gohan's training – 25
    [Videl starts out already stronger than Mr. Satan, unbeknownst to her, and just gets even better after Gohan teaches her how to use Ki. I know she was really only focused on learning to fly, but I've always figured that merely learning how to use her ki at all, for whatever reason, would still make her stronger. Like exercising a muscle you previously didn't even know you had.

    Aside from her, Tenshinhan is the only one of the super-duper Earthlings to have significantly improved since the Cell Games, though Kuririn still has a big lead on him, being firmly and consistently touted as the strongest Earthling during this period.

    Oh, hey, I forgot Chaozu. Uh…]
Son Goten 28,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 1,400,000,000
Trunks 32,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 1,600,000,000
Android 18 350,000,000
    [The two half-Saiyan kids are extraordinarily strong for their age, already being soundly superior to 18 as Super Saiyans even when not using full power. To fit in with all the cool kids, I’ve bumped up their power levels since my last list, to better fit how they could potentially surpass Gohan before long. But compared to their seniors, they’re still really only of any use via Fusion. Whether these numbers specifically are before or after their Room of Spirit and Time session is up for you to decide, because I don’t see any sign that they improved noticeably as individuals.]

Kibito 50,000,000
Kaioshin 2,800,000,000
    Merged – 8,500,000,000
    [Kibito’s pretty strong, with a high enough battle power to give base Gohan a tough fight. Kaioshin’s far stronger than that, trumping Piccolo but falling short of Dabra or the Super Saiyan adults. When Kaioshin merges with Kibito, he’s bumped up to a high Super Saiyan 2 level, but on top of his general incompetence he still lags behind SS2 Goku and Vegeta power-wise, and so is appropriately omitted from the final battle with Pure Boo.
    In retrospect, it seems like a given that Kaioshin wields “godly ki” as it was introduced in Battle of Gods (which would certainly make him a “different order of being,” to quote Viz), given how the heroes had trouble sensing and judging he and Kibito’s power. But to keep things simple, I’m just gonna list equivalent numbers for them anyway based upon their performance against others.]
    [These guys have their power drawn beyond their limits by Bobbidi, and gain some basic ki-based abilities as a result, but given that they were only regular human schmoes before that, the result doesn’t have to be anything astounding by the superhuman heroes’ standards. All that’s really required is for Spopovich to be a match for Videl, but his main advantage is his freakish zombie-like resistance to damage.]
Pui-Pui 180,000
Yakon 100,000,000
Dabra 4,000,000,000
    [Each of Bobbidi’s minions are far more powerful than the last, intended to be overkill against whichever Saiyan defeated the previous one. But they’re each still easily beaten in various ways, of course. I really like the thematic idea that each of these guys represents a past major enemy, and it certainly fits with how their fights progressed, so I rolled with it.
    Pui-Pui thinks 10x Earth’s gravity is a big deal, as an obvious callback to the Saiyan arc, so I made him equivalent to Vegeta (his Great Ape form specifically) but is easily smoked by the infinitely-improved current Vegeta. Yakon is similar to Freeza, having universe-wide notoriety and being too much for the base Saiyans to handle one-on-one, but firmly inferior to Super Saiyan (and especially to a burst of SS2 power). Finally, Dabra is directly compared to Cell, and presents an uphill battle for SS1 Gohan, but any of the Saiyans’ true power, i.e. Super Saiyan 2 and up, would make short work of him. Heck, Goku wouldn’t even need it.]
Gotenks 6,000,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 18,000,000
Post-RoSaT – 12,000,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 36,000,000,000
    Super Saiyan 3 – 110,000,000,000             
    [With my new system for Fusion, Gotenks ends up a beast right out of the gate, on a low Super Saiyan 2 just in his base form and noticeably stronger than Fat Boo as a Super Saiyan, though still not measuring up to SS3 Goku. After that, I reason that his Room of Spirit and Time training consisted mostly of A) Goten and Trunks getting even better at the Fusion Dance and more in-sync, making Gotenks stronger as a result, and B) Gotenks himself spending his 30-minute sessions of existence both unlocking SS2 and SS3 and developing his repertoire of goofy techniques. So he ends up improving quite a bit without any noticeable power increase in Goten and Trunks individually. Power-wise, Gotenks at Super Saiyan 3 is still right about where I previously placed him. He ends up matching Evil Boo and soundly surpassing everyone else until Gohan shows up to temporarily steal the show.]
Majin Boo 15,000,000,000
    Initial – 5,000,000,000

    Powered Up – 10,000,000,000
Good Boo6,000,000,000
Pure Evil Boo 9,000,000,000
Evil Boo 45,000,000,000 (Initial) / 90,000,000,000 (Full Power)
    + Gotenks – 200,000,000,000
    + Gohan – 240,000,000,000
Buff Boo 120,000,000,000
Pure Boo 30,000,000,000
    [Fat Boo seems to fit comfortably to me at a little under 2x stronger than the Super Saiyan 2s (with Gohan’s SS2 energy gathered by Spopovich and Yamu restoring almost half of his power), and despite Vegeta putting up an admirable fight, Boo’s regeneration is just too darn broken to overcome without the use of Fusion or Super Saiyan 3.
    To this day I’m still not sure what to make of Boo’s power after his split compared to later when he fought Pure Boo. For the time being, I’m assuming that Boo really did lose over half his power from the split, but somehow gained it back during all the absorption shenanigans for his fight during the finale later. Pure Evil Boo didn’t pop back out either, so one way or another the ingredients of Evil Boo did get shuffled around yet again.
    Anyway, the two halves are rejoined to form Evil Boo, who starts off already far stronger than pre-RoSaT Gotenks can handle, and roughly a match for post-RoSaT SS3 Gotenks. He absorbs Gotenks to kick Gohan’s butt, but when Gotenks' Fusion runs and Piccolo becomes his primary power-booster, he out he drops back down to a level Gohan can deal with. After then absorbing Gohan he’s even stronger than before, but still gets his sorry ass whooped by Vegetto.
    Once all absorptions are removed from him, he reverts to his original “Pure” state, which is a more-or-less equal match for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, only “beating” him in battle due to SS3’s massive energy drain and ultimately destroyed by a sufficiently overkill Spirit Bomb.]
Vegetto 150,000,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 450,000,000,000
    [Decided to finally give Vegetto an actual number, courtesy of my new Fusion system. His exceptionally-generously-overpowered base form, formed by Goku's SS3 power combined with Vegeta's SS2 power then boosted several-fold, is already on-par with Ultimate Gohan. His Super Saiyan power is then great enough for him to utterly humiliate Gohan-Boo, against whom he apparently expected to have at least a little bit of a challenge. But alas.)
Son Goku110,000,000
Son Goten24,000,000
Trunks -28,000,000
Mister Satan5.5
Mister Boo15,000,000,000
    Pissed Off – A lot stronger.
    [Just a note – I’m not factoring in anything major from the new movies or Super in these post-Boo numbers. I like Battle of Gods and Resurrection F quite a lot, and at one point I was interested to see how they’d continue things leading up to the manga’s epilogue. But that torch has been since picked up by Super, which clearly has no interest in telling a consistent and coherent story that stays at all in line with the manga. So in turn I have no interest in accommodating Super, and I’ll just let these manga-based numbers continue being manga-based numbers.
    Anyhoo, all the heroes’ powers have changed in some way or another. Goku and Vegeta have gotten moderately stronger, having drive but not really any extra-special ways to improve drastically. Plus, Toriyama’s commented that he feels they’ve more or less hit their limits in terms of growth and age after the Boo arc, which I don’t take to mean they can’t get any stronger at all, only that they’ll no longer gain power in significant amounts.
    Goten and Trunks keep getting weaker because they’re slackers. Ol’ Mark’s strength has probably waned somewhat with his age. Mister Boo’s probably the only one who’s exactly the same. Why? I’m not exactly sure. He just strikes me as working that way. Pan is promising, but still quite young. Oob starts off remarkably strong for a normal Earthling, enough so to sweep the World Tournament’s prelims, but only measuring up at all to the superhuman heroes once Goku gets him to fly into a rage.]

Captain Chicken500,000,000,000
[We all know who the TRUE hero of the series is.]