Great Ape – 10x

Super Saiyan – x50

Super Saiyan Grade 2 – x75

Super Saiyan Grade 3 – x110

"Legendary" Super Saiyan – x115

Super Saiyan 2 – x100

Super Saiyan 3 – x400


[The boosts for Super Saiyan and its spinoffs are all carried over from my series power levels list. Aside from those, I treat “Legendary” Super Saiyan as a special, mutated, Broli-exclusive form of Grade 3 which takes the power boost even further, but with the speed loss negated or at least reduced because he, somehow, gains height along with all that bulk. So it’s basically his own beefier version of Super Saiyan 2.]








"Who're you callin' drunk? You're not drunk, I'M drunk!"


Son Goku – 425

Piccolo – 415     

Kuririn – 210

Kami – 220


Son Gohan – 1

    Okay to Drive – 0.15 BAC



[The movie's heroes’ powers are plucked from the very start of DBZ. I'll assume that Raditz probably never appeared in this AU (having gotten himself killed on Arlia), and thus some time has passed for the good guys to get a tiny bit stronger since the happy and uneventful reunion party at Kame House. This also explains how nobody is wondering who Gohan is, but Goku has never witnessed a Tantrum of Death™ from him before, filler notwithstanding.]


Nicky – 165

    Bulked Up – 330

    Bulked Down – 83

Ginger – 185

    Bulked Up – 370

    Bulked Down – 93

Sansho – 175

    Bulked Up – 350

    Bulked Down – 88


    [Garlic's cronies overpowered Piccolo when they got the jump on him in their powered-up states, but without their strength in numbers (or even WITH it, against Goku) they go down easily.]


Ol’ Minuteman "Grumpy" Garlic – 1776

Grandpa Garlic – 150

Garlic Senior – 250

Garlic Junior – 400

    Bulked Up – 800

    Bulked Down – 265


    [Garlic Junior himself becomes more or less the movies equivalent of Raditz in this film. But rather than copy-paste Raditz's 1,500 power level for him, I chopped it down to a little more than half so that Goku and Piccolo overcoming him with teamwork at one point seems a tad more believable. Especially since they did it with their own normal power rather than last-resort sacrifices and haxed attacks.]





"If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy…"


Son Goku – 9,500

    Kaio-Ken – 19,000

    Kaio-Ken x3 – 28,500

    Kaio-Ken x4 – 38,000


    [Assuming this is sometime after the battle with Vegeta, Goku's gotten himself a nice little Saiyan healing boost, and his power level is now truly OVER NINE THOU-*shot*]


Son Gohan – 1,200

    Chewin' shrooms in his room – 777

    Thoroughly agitated – 5,000

Piccolo – 6,000

Kuririn – 1,850


    [Just like Goku, they've all presumably improved at least a little bit since the alternate universe battle with Vegeta, during which nobody but Yamcha died.]


Candy Mountain – 500,000 gumdrop pebbles


    [There's a mountain in this movie which is apparently more durable than the entire freakin’ moon.]


Muten Roshi – 139

    Extra Badass Movie Form – 3,000


    [The old-timer really got to strut his stuff in this film.]


Cheap Saibaimen rip-offs that fought Roshi and got pwned – 1,000

Cheap Saibaimen rip-offs that fought Gohan and pwned him – 10


    [This makes perfect sense.]


Mutchy... I mean, Kishime – 7,000

Buyon... I mean, Misokatsun – 4,300

San Xing Long... I mean, Ebifurya – 7,500          


    [Hard to place these guys; Muten Roshi could put up a fight, but then Goku also had trouble with them? Anyway, they actually have official levels from an old pamphlet (for Movie 3), so that eliminates some guesswork for me! So long as they’re weaker than the guy who actually beat them.]


Doctor Kochin – 8


    [This dude was Doctor Urio's pet robo-monkey, but presumably not that powerful on his own.]


Doctor Uiro – 20,000

    Beam Attack – 39,000

    Max Power – 50,000


    [THIS dude, on the other hand, is more or less the movies equivalent of Vegeta. His big ol' Gallic Gun rip-off beamamajig was similarly able to match Goku's Kaio-Ken x3, and as everyone pulled a Bardock and took it to low orbit, his power was noted to be rising even further.]


Krang – 100


    [... I'm so deeply sorry.]




Worst. Arbor Day. EVER.”


Son Goku – 30,000

    Kaio-Ken – 60,000

    Kaio-Ken x10 – 300,000

    Kaio-Ken x0 – 0

    1st Spirit Bomb – 400,000

    2nd Spirit Bomb – 1,500,000


    [Tulllece actually read Goku’s power in the film as 30,000. More or less. Apply Kaio-Ken, and bake at 350 degrees F for one hour.]


Son Gohan – 10,000

    Great Ape – 100,000

    Naked – 1 conveniently-placed shrub


    [Just like Goku, Gohan's also got a scouter-measured-and-stated power level in the film. Take one standard monkey-form boost and call me in the morning.]


Piccolo – 18,000


    [Yet again, Pic's got a stated power level in the film fresh off a scouter. Toei's making this one way too easy. Mostly, anyway.]


Kuririn – 5,001

Yamcha – 3,000

    No. of years in debt – 45

Tenshinhan – 5,000

Chaozu – 2,000


    [Somewhat arbitrary powers here for the Earthlings. Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan are all quite stronger than they were during the battle with Nappa and Vegeta, so I figured the humans should be too. Maybe they’re supposed to have been training on Kaio’s for a while, or something. But despite putting up a good fight, they’re collectively still weaker than Tullece's cronies.]


Reizin – 8,000

    With Bran – #2

Rakasei – 7,600

    Honey Roasted – 10

Cacao – 8,400

    With marshmallow armor – 12,000

Amond – 9,100

    Joyful – 10,000

Daiz – 13,000

    With Shenlong Times15,000


    [No real criteria for these guys either aside from averaging as stronger than the humans, but weaker than Gohan (except for Daiz) since he took one of them out. I don’t see any issues with their levels from the Movie 3 pamphlet, so I used them. Ta-da.]


Tullece – 19,000

    Fruit 1 – 530,000

    Fruit 2 – 750,000

    Fruit 3 – $1,000,000 Jackpot


    [I re-watched Movie 3 to see if I could get the previously mentioned pamphlet’s 19,000 number for Tullece to work. The figures for his posse worked just fine, and the focus of it was on THIS movie, after all, so it seemed like it’d be a shame if the number for Tullece himself couldn't work too. But one viewing later… Surprisingly, it can work, though albeit barely.

    The main concern was rationalizing Tullece beating Piccolo so easily, but that’s managed by assuming Piccolo lost more power being injured while protecting Gohan when he first arrived on the battlefield than Tullece lost by creating the fake moon. It’s kind of like Vegeta Vs. Zarbon Round 2, where Vegeta used tactics to gain an early power advantage. If you re-watch the movie too, you’ll see what I mean.

    If anyone truly has a problem with me getting creative to use this 19,000 number for Tullece, then I would suggest starting a diary and pouring out your feelings within it. Not a blog, because then I can potentially find it in one of my weekly Google searches for my screen name and laugh at it and that’d just be embarrassing for everyone.

    Anyhoo, Tullece’s power is beaten back by Goku’s 30,000, but things changed for him after eating a Tree of Might fruit. Now he was strong enough to smack down Goku's Kaio-Ken x10 power pretty easily. Guess which other villain from the series, whom was directly referenced in this movie, could have done the same with the power he had in his first form? Tullece ate another fruit after that, but the boost from it wasn't enough to resist a karma-powered Spirit Bomb.]











No Super Saiyans here.”


Son Gohan – 14,000

    Dancing with Hire Dragon – 15,000

    Fusion Dancing with Hire Dragon – 2

    Whistle of Eternal Torment – 5,000,000,000

Piccolo – 42,000

    Earless – 40,000

    Peerless – 50,000

Kuririn – 13,000

Kuririn's IQ when blitzing Slug – 5


    [The movie as a whole largely takes after not only the King Piccolo arc, but also the Ginyu Force portion of the Namek arc. So that's roughly how the heroes' powers are placed. Guess whose power level has been lazily but cleverly assigned to Piccolo?]


Chi-Chi – 130

Yajirobe – 970


Humanity's collective IQ when laughing at the demon-alien army in front of them – 6

Aforementioned Demon-Alien Army – ~100-300


    [Chichi and Yajirobe have official power levels, yay. The demons/aliens/whatevers probably vary in power drastically, given how Chi-Chi laid the smack-down on a few only to be one-hit-KO'd by another.]


Zeiun – 25,000

    Death Beam'd – 0

Dorodabo – 30,000

    Decapiccolo'd – 0

Medamatcha – 35,000

    Multiply by zero'd – 0

Angira – 40,000

    Indigestion'd – 0


    [Henchmen. Always there, always expendable. These guys kind of take after the Ginyu Force members, and some are even killed off in similar ways.]


Son Goku – 90,000

    "Super Saiyan" – 900,000 because akira said it was 10x and 50x is a lie and f*** teh daiz

    Piccaio-Ken x100 – 9,000,000

Goku's IQ when not even trying to use the Kaio-Ken against Slug until the very end – 7


    [Goku's starting point for power is likewise based upon his appearance on Namek and subsequent bitch-slapping of the Ginyu Force. But seriously, did he just completely forget about the Kaio-Ken the whole time he was getting his butt whooped? What gives? Maybe he was already using one of those magical invisible Kaio-Kens I keep hearing about.]


Old Slug – 120,000

Young Slug – 530,000

Giant Slug – 1,200,000


    [Finally, Slug himself gives off vibes of being like a combination of Captain Ginyu and Freeza in his lower forms. So guess what power levels I gave him? Those of Captain Ginyu and Freeza in his lower forms! Funny how this kind of stuff works itself out.]





"Revenge is a dish best served cool."


Bardock – 10,000

    Giving mangled speech from the old English dub – 4

    Giving revised and accurate speech from the Kai English dub – 25,000


    [Because there was once a time when you could never have too much Bardock.]


Coola – 5,000,000

    [100% power, unseen] – 100,000,000

    Transformed – 150,000,000

    Knee'd in the gut – "Bwaugh, my squeedlyspooch!"


    [Coola here takes his place as the movies equivalent of his brother, Freeza. His power in his extra form is greater than Freeza's (equivalent to Cyborg Freeza, in my opinion), and I personally like to think that the form is a more efficient and effective manifestation of the 100% bulkiness that Freeza showed off; kind of like a proper Super Saiyan 2 instead of Super Saiyan Grade 2. Either way, he still got ultrapwnzor’d by Super Saiyan Goku.]


Neiz – 163,000

Dore – 185,000

Thouser– 170,000

    French Thouser – 4000

    Arlian Thouser – 0

    Kryptonian Thouser – 1 billion "Vs Goku" debates


    [Coola's Armored Squad all have official power levels. Neat. It's fun to mock Thouser.]


Son Goku – 3,600,000

    Kaio-Ken x Something – 7,200,000. Or more than that, maybe.

    Super Saiyan – 180,000,000

    Punched in the gut – "Bitch, please."


    [Goku is noted to have improved since he returned from Namek, but since he can’t seem to teleport or go Super Saiyan at will, this is best treated as an AU where he never went to Yardrat after Namek, and maybe Trunks never showed up with any Android warning yet. But to keep things easy, simple, and reflective of the main series, I’ve just kept Goku at the same post-Yardrat level, which would after all be stronger than he was on Namek. That’s more than strong enough to whoop Coola’s spiky arrogant ass.]


Son Gohan – 250,000

    Relaxed – 100

    Tail Grabbed – 50

    Worn Out – 110,000

    Vs. Sauzer – 140,000


    [It's a little tricky to get Gohan to work with the official levels for the Armored Squad, but it's doable. The highest number we have for Gohan on Namek is 200,000 during the battle with Freeza. The decent healing boost he got during that fight probably put him closer to 300,000, but his power likely suffered from two straight years of studying instead of training.

    So a power of about 250 thousand is beaten when ganged up on by 3 separate powers of almost 200,000 each. Even if he's actually stronger than that, and I'm sure many would argue that he is... he's still Gohan. C’mon. The more of a power advantage he has over his enemies, the more likely he is to somehow lose.]


Kuririn – 120,000

Piccolo – 2,000,000


    [Piccolo has already improved a good deal since Namek and he lays the beat-down on all 3 of the Armored Squad at once, but he's not strong enough to even stand up to Coola's suppressed power. Kuririn's improved a bit as well, but alone he's no match for any of the Armored Squad members.]





Bite my shiny metal tail.”


Dende – 2000

    As Kami – 2500

    As Popo – 666,000,000,000


    [Dende why are you god Cell’s not here yet GTFO]


Kuririn – 150,000

Gohan – 4,000,000

Piccolo – 360,000,000


    [Time paradox shenanigans with Dende aside, the appearances and apparent powers of everyone suggests that this movie takes place during the earlier portions of the Androids/Cell arc. So the heroes' powers all reflect that. Dende being Earth's god would suggest that Piccolo and Kami have merged, but it's hard to tell in the film whether he's thus significantly stronger than Goku and Vegeta as he should be. I guess we can assume that this film's AU is if Piccolo took out the Androids and/or Cell, and they went and fetched Dende just for the sake of having a replacement god for Earth.]


Soldier Robots – ???


    [Continuing this movie's trend of not making any sense, these guys were apparently just so dang tough that the beastly Piccolo needed some extra Ki-concentrating effort to beat them, but then even Kuririn could beat them the same way, but then Piccolo annihilated an entire army of them rather easily... eugh, my head hurts. Let's just assume that they're very physically durable, but their equivalent combat power is mostly a mystery]


Worker Robot – 5,000,000,000


    [I beg your forgiveness.]


Oolong – 4

Roshi – 145

Yajirobe – 965


    [Someone remind me why these guys came along, again?]


Son Goku – 5,000,000

    Kaio-Ken x20 – 100,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 250,000,000

Vegeta – 5,400,000

    Super Saiyan – 270,000,000


    [Like the other heroes, Goku and Vegeta are plucked from the series just as they were at the start of the Androids arc, which includes Vegeta being just a little bit stronger than Goku. Goku was using some level of the Kaio-Ken against Coola; I'll assume it was a x20 given that he was using it against someone whom had gotten even stronger than since he required Super Saiyan to overcome. ...Did that last sentence work at all?]


Metal Coola 1 – 200,000,000

Metal Coola 2 – 350,000,000

Metal Coolas 3 through 500 – 500,000,000


    [The Metal Coolas got stronger each time they were beaten and repaired. They're actually the easiest thing in this movie to figure out power-wise! Goku overcomes the lone Metal Coola first, then he and Vegeta BARELY manage to beat it together. Then they're up against several hundred Metal Coolas which are even stronger than that, and, well...]


Borg Queen Robo-Zombie Coola – 400,000,000


    [He said his power "hadn't dropped all that much" compared to the Metal Coolas, but the battered and weakened yet nonetheless spunky and determined Goku and Vegeta were still able to overcome him with relatively small attacks. I guess he was pretty fragile in this state despite his power.]









"Why was Trunks in line for the swimsuit thing? Why was he there at all?!"


Cost of property damages from Android attack – 5,000,000,000 Zeni

Cost of Goku’s fancy suit, worn later in Movie 8 – 25,000 Zeni

Cost of Goku’s dinner – 500,000 Zeni


Trunks – 4,400,000

    Super Saiyan – 220,000,000

Vegeta – 5,400,000

    Super Saiyan – 270,000,000

Son Goku – 5,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 250,000,000

    Remaining Sperm Count – 0

    Mmmm, that's some good genki right there – 3,000,000,000


    [The two great and one pretty-okay-I-guess Super Saiyans are, again, plucked straight out from the Androids arc before they used the Room of Spirit and Time. When Goku absorbed the Spirit Bomb, he was so much stronger than Super 13 that the Android started freakin' MELTING from the power Goku was radiating.]

Piccolo – 360,000,000


    [Given that we see 17 and 18 in the movie's prologue, but they're nowhere to be seen for the bulk of the film sometime later, let's assume that Piccolo is awesome and beat them. Unfortunately, he shows up just in time for the formation of Super 13, who’s too strong even for him and makes his current superiority over the Super Saiyans a moot point.]


Kuririn – 150,000

Gohan – 4,000,000


[Every team needs its cheerleaders.]


Android 15 – 6,000,000

    Fuel Cells Liquor-charged – 120,000,000

Android 14 – 7,000,000

    White n' Sturdy – 140,000,000

Android 13 – 8,000,000

    East Bound and Down – 165,000,000   

    Super Android Blue – 450,000,000


    [The Androids having varying power levels is mostly a joke about how Toei likes to drag things out with the heroes in their base forms before they transform. Ultimately, Super 13 seems to be the only one not weaker than the Super Saiyans or Piccolo.]


Poseidon the Magical Wishing Fish – 777,777,777







Kuririn – 150,000

    Singing Skills – #1 in all of whatever "Japan" is

Muten Roshi – 139

    Drunk – 180

    Super Saiyan – 6950

    Arale Form – 9001


    [Don’t ask.]


Baby Broli – 10,000

Baby Goku – 2

Baby-Vegeta – 200,000,000,000


    [Li’l baby-form Kakarrot and Broli both had their powers noted at some point. Also GTR POWAR LEVULS SPOILERS AHOY.]


Vegeta – 16,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 800,000,000

    Super Saiyan Grade 2 – 1,200,000,000

Trunks – 15,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 750,000,000

    Super Saiyan Grade 2 – 1,100,000,000

Piccolo – 1,200,000,000


Son Gohan – 25,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,250,000,000

Son Goku – 30,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,500,000,000

    The Power of FRIENDSHIP – 6,000,000,000


    [Until I have any better ideas, I’m going with the notion that everyone has taken their first turns in the Room of Spirit and Time, but because Vegeta apparently beat Cell or something, Goku and Gohan left it early and nobody went in for their second turns. Piccolo probably still took a turn after the fact just so he wouldn't be left so far behind.

    This is primarily due to two things: 1) Vegeta and Trunks apparently using Super Saiyan Grade 2 in the film (easier to tell by the concept art than in the film itself) when they seem to have abandoned it during their pre-Cell Games training time, and 2) Gohan getting stronger between this movie and Movie 10 in some weird parallel-universe way, when he actually was weaker in the early Boo era than his Cell Games self.

    Either way, Movie 8 here is some AU situation like anything else where the heroes aren’t quite as strong yet as they ended up at the end of that story arc in the series. Like in Movie 3, for example.]



Paragus – 13,000


    [I figure if Paragus has been hanging around and surviving being collateral damage in Broli’s rampages for the past 20-something years, he’s probably reaped a few healing boosts along the way.]


Broli – 40,000,000

    On Ritalin – 9001

    Super Saiyan – 2,000,000,000

  "Legendary" Super Saiyan – 4,600,000,000


    [Broli in his zombie-like restricted state is suppressed down to a level weaker than Paragus, as noted. As a Super Saiyan, Broli is already a little stronger than any of the heroes, as Kaio suspects, and tanks a kick from SS Vegeta like it ain’t no thang. When he goes Legendary on their asses he ends up on par with full-power Perfect Cell, but he ultimately falls to a single huge blow from Goku who’s powered up by borrowing energy from the other heroes.]


Time over which Broli wrecked the South Galaxy – 10 years

According to fanboys – 10 seconds





"How Vegeta Got His Groove Back"



Son Gohan – 70,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 3,500,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 7,000,000,000

Vegeta – 40,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 2,000,000,000

Trunks – 36,000,000       

    Super Saiyan – 1,800,000,000

Piccolo 1,250,000,000

Son Goku – 56,000,000



    [The primary and useful heroes are all pretty much the same as they were during the Cell Games, as this movie takes place only a few short months after it. Gohan’s just now taking a break from schooling, Vegeta’s been mopey and actually NOT TRAINING (~gasp~), Trunks has just returned from the future after killin’ him some Androids, and Goku’s apparently been hanging out on Snake Way with Kaio after possibly taking part in one or more afterlife tournaments.]


Tenshinhan – 80,000

    Without Shirt – 35,000,000

Kuririn – 150,000

    Without Hidden Body Piercing – 1,000,000,000,000

 Yamcha – 35,000


    [The gang o' Earthlings are likewise just as they were for the length of the Androids/Cell arc. Tenshinhan becomes a good match for base Trunks when he removes his limiter talisman. Heaven help us all if there’s ever a need for Kuririn to remove his. Yamcha doesn’t have one.]


Mr. Satan – 7

Doskoi – 6

Android 14 – 160,000,000

    Recreated as a human – 5

Udo – 6

    After a week lost at sea, miles offshore – 0


    [So… these guys were there too.]


Gokua – 900,000,000

    Buffed Up – 1,200,000,000

    After Dr. Trunks' back alley appendectomy – 0

Bido – 800,000,000

    Cell Junior'd – 0

Bujin – 850,000,000

    Also Cell Junior'd – 0


    Unexpectedly taking it from behind – 0

Bojack – 3,300,000,000

    Buffed Up – 5,000,000,000

    Wishing he had an exoskeleton like Cell – 2,000,000,000

    Wishing he could regenerate like Cell – 0


    [Bojack’s crew seem to be less powerful than the Super Saiyan tier heroes on the whole, what with Trunks exterminating Gokua one-on-one without much trouble after transforming. Their main strength seems to come in teamwork, especially given how their freaky psychic string technique actually lowers its target’s power along with restricting their movement.

    Unfortunately for them, once Gohan finally goes Super Saiyan 2, his power is just too much for them to restrain. He stomps right through the strings, through them, and through their dickweed boss, who’s about as strong as full-power Cell but lacks his capacity for comebacks.]











"Broli 2: Psychotic Boogaloo"



Broli – 95,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,700,000,000

    "Legendary" Super Saiyan – 11,000,000,000


    [Broli's back, and he's gotten a lot stronger thanks to a normally-abnormal post-Super-Saiyan Saiyan healing boost. He smacks the kids around at Super Saiyan (in which state Daizenshuu #6 implies he’s stronger than Goku), then goes Legendary which lets him pretty easily put the squeeze on Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. He's beaten when the three Son family dudes go all-out with a group Kamehameha.]


Videl – 25

    Damage absorbed by Magical Anti-Broli Defensive Clothing – 10,999,999,976


    [Looks like Videl was wearing a Focus Band or something.]


Son Goten – 28,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,400,000,000

Trunks – 32,000,000         

    Super Saiyan – 1,600,000,000


Son Gohan – 68,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 3,400,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 6,000,000,000


    [Toei's typical drama-building base-form shenanigans aside, we see Super Saiyan Goten and Trunks getting tossed around by Super Saiyan Broli, who ultimately decides to bump it up to his "Legendary" Super Saiyan form when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2.

    Gohan, stronger than the last time he fought Broli but weaker than he was at the Cell Games — ow, headache— gets beaten up but still manages a solid blow here and there. Which is more than anyone but Hyper-Goku did in Movie 8, so I figure that the power difference between them wasn't THAT big. Still pretty big though. In the end, Broli overcomes Gohan's best efforts rather easily, and it takes all the movie's Super Saiyan heroes working together to finish him off.]


Son Goku – 90,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,500,000,000

    [Super Saiyan 2? – 9,000,000,000]            


    [Goku shows up in time to lay a verbal beating on the boys and contribute to the Kamehameha. Some might argue he and Gohan both pushed themselves up to Super Saiyan 2 for that final burst, which would certainly explain it managing to overpower Broli so suddenly. Goku hadn't premiered Super Saiyan 2 yet in the series, but it wouldn't be surprising if Toei saw it coming, or Toriyama even let them in on it.]


Kuririn – 150,000

    As Piccolo – 5,000,000,000

    As Broli – 140

    As Gohan – 2


    [The true hero of the film. Broli was uncharacteristically wise to take him out of commission quickly.]


Vegeta – 72,000,000

    Huddled up in the fetal position across the planet, desperately suppressing his power – 0


    [There's a reason he wasn't in the movie, you know.]





"Sorry folks, it’s just more Broli. Go home."



Son Goten – 28,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,400,000,000

Trunks – 32,000,000         

    Super Saiyan – 1,600,000,000


Android 18 – 340,000,000

Kuririn – 150,000

    Aura Charge: Yellow – 175,000


    [Everyone here is as they were in the Majin Boo arc. Thanks probably to some lazy animation, Kuririn gets to momentarily sport the golden Super Saiyan glow.]


Mister Satan – 6.78

    [His incredible power has increased even further since Movie 9.]


Bio-Warriors ~ 100

    [These guys were supposed to easily lay the smack down on Mr. Satan, but were nothing to 18 and the kids.]


Bio-Broli – 2,300,000,000

    [Android 18 can't even budge sludge-head here, but the two kids working together are able to put up an admirable fight.]


Water – 1,000,000,000,000






"Cloudy with a chance of jellybeans."


Paikuhan – 8,000,000,000

Son Goku – 100,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 5,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 10,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 3 – 40,000,000,000


Vegeta – 90,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,500,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 9,000,000,000


    [Goku is noted to have improved since returning to the afterlife after fighting Majin Boo, whereas Vegeta hasn’t. So starting with this film, I’ve introduced a standard “post-Boo” power level for Goku which will be repeated for other such movies and specials set in the same rough era. Same thing for Vegeta later, but in this movie he’s unchanged from his Boo-arc peak.]


Fat Janemba – 25,000,000,000

Evil Janemba – 150,000,000,000

Baby-Janemba (ACTUALLY A THING!) – 400,000,000,000


    [Assuming Goku or Gotenks took out Fat Boo, the previous holder of the coveted “ain’t never felt a Ki as amazin' as that” title, then Fat Janemba would have to be moderately stronger than that. But once Goku got down to serious effin’ business with SS3, he trounced Fat Janemba pretty handily.

    The evil Janemba, on the other hand, was able to turn the tables pretty quickly. He was once officially noted by Toei as even stronger than Hirudegarn, so I’m all like, “why not?” I gave him the same relative boost over his fat form that Evil Boo got in my main series list, predictably leaving him right in-between Evil Boo and his absorption-boosted forms (and equal to Ultimate Gohan, coincidentally). Evil Janemba may very well have been toying with SS3 Goku in their fight at first, given how he seems to power up in front of Super Gogeta later.]


Super Gogeta – 300,000,000,000


    [With my new approach for Fusion, Gogeta ends up... pretty much the same as I already had him. He's a powerhouse who’s juuuust strong enough to do exactly what the plot demands of him: easily defeat Janemba and look totally badass doing it.]


Son Gohan – 68,000,000

Videl – 25


    [Gohan is just running around having fun, and based on his facial features and attitude, he's not "Ultimate" yet in this film. Videl serves as his cheerleader this time around, more or less.]


Freeza (5%) – 6,000,000


    [He probably should have powered up.]


Son Goten – 28,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,400,000,000

Trunks – 32,000,000         

    Super Saiyan – 1,600,000,000

Gotenks – 9,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 27,000,000,000


    [It's a bit tricky to place Gotenks for this movie, since we don't really have the exact "what-if" circumstances that may have led into it. Odds are that in this movie’s temporal and dimensional divergence, Gotenks managed to take out Fat Boo before any transformation shenanigans happened requiring usage of the Room of Spirit and Time.

    Or maybe they DID use the Room of Spirit and Time for at least a little bit anyway, since they’ve got the Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack up their combined sleeves which don’t exist while they’re fused now that I think about it. Or even more likely than that, Goku realized ahead of time that they’d be worthless and did the deed himself with Super Saiyan 3.

    Whatever! For this movie, if only because of the Kamikaze Ghosts, I'll just plunk Gotenks down halfway between his pre- and post-RoSaT levels. Good enough!]










"Please Hirudegarn Don’t Hurt ‘Em."



Videl – 25

Son Gohan – 140,000,000,000


Son Goten – 26,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 1,300,000,000

Trunks – 30,000,000         

    Super Saiyan – 1,500,000,000

Gotenks – 11,000,000,000         

    Super Saiyan 3 – 99,000,000,000


Vegeta – 95,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,750,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 9,500,000,000

        F@^%ing pissed the #*!%$ off, you $#%&ing son of a @&#%er!10,000,000,000


Son Goku – 100,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 5,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 10,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 3 – 40,000,000,000

        Practicing for GT – 200,000,000,000


    [The heroes are all at their “post-Boo” levels. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks’ powers have started to dip because they never train, while Goku and Vegeta have improved because they DO train. On top of that, Goku now has the super-hax-boosted Dragon Fist attack under his belt. Also Videl is there. All that said, why the heck wasn’t Piccolo in this movie, anyway? Of all the characters for Toei to exclude despite such a large cast…]


Tapion – 50,000,000

    With magic ocarina – 55,000,000

    With Big Goron's Sword – 75,000,000


    [As Tapion was emerging from the music box, Goku exclaimed that he felt an “incredible ki” coming from him. However, when you think about it, it’s not clear whether that ki is Tapion’s or Hirudegarn’s. So while we leave that one to the philosophers, I listed Tapion as pretty strong compared to most of the heroes, but still very much outclassed by their fancy transformations and what-not.]


Tapion's Music Box – 500,000,000,000

    Tiny little AAA batteries dead – 0


Hoi – 1,000


    [While Hoi was a container for Hirudegarn’s other half, as more or less the movies equivalent to Bobbidi he didn’t appear to have much power of his own to speak of.]



    Beside himself – 20,000,000,000

    Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got folks in my tummy – 30,000,000,000

    One plus one equals one on a bun – 60,000,000,000

    The Mighty Monarch – 100,000,000,000

    Not paying attention to "de-tail" – 50,000,000,000


    [Hirudegarn was pretty danged strong alright, but most of his strength seems to come from his raw size, surprising speed for said size, and sneak attacks via his vanishing act. Goku says something interesting about him, claiming “no matter how much power we have, it’s no use against him,” suggesting there was more going on here than just sheer battle powers. So I’m assuming his ability to smack around the likes of Gohan and Gotenks comes from his sheer size and speed rather than solely his ki-based power, which I’ve scaled down somewhat to preserve his once-stated inferiority to Janemba.


    Gohan is able to smack around Hirudegarn’s disembodied legs really easily, and his merged self was seemingly put down by Gotenks at first. But then Hirudegarn takes his beautiful butterfly form, which seems to have granted him a substantial speed increase, and smacks Gotenks down so hard he defuses. I’ve always assumed his power was greatly reduced by Trunks cutting off his tail (which he was using to absorb people before), because that sure as heck explains how Goku was able to brace and defend himself adequately against the big lug before finishing him off with the Dragon Fist at the right moment. The Dragon Fist is also an extraordinarily high-amped attack capable of felling foes much stronger than Goku, so I’m sure that helps too.]





"Not expressed in battle power? Well, s***."


Beerus – ??????????

    Vs. Goku – ???????

Super Saiyan God Son Goku – ??????

Whis – ???????????????


    [Nobody at all is even close to a match for Beerus. The only one to even land any blows on him is enraged Vegeta, though we can assume his sudden power-up merely caught Beerus by surprise. Only Goku as a Super Saiyan God is able to actually give Beerus a good fight, and at the end of the film, Whis is revealed to actually be Beerus’ master and STRONGER than him. And wouldn’t you know it, Toriyama actually gave us some power comparisons for all three of those god-ki-using guys!]


Son Goku – 100,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 5,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 10,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 3 – 40,000,000,000

    Not quite Super Saiyan God – 360,000,000,000


Vegeta – 95,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,750,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 9,500,000,000

    Cheesed Off – 50,000,000,000


    [Goku and Vegeta have assuredly improved since the Boo arc, and this is presumably set some time after the “Heya!” special and Movie 13, so I’m setting them a little stronger than the standard “post-Boo movies” power levels for those.

    Goku, like everyone else, is no match whatsoever for Beerus. When Vegeta gets mad over Beerus slapping Bulma, though, his power temporarily surpasses Goku’s, letting him land a few surprise blows on Beeru, who still emerges unaffected. Goku becomes extraordinarily more powerful when the other Super Saiyans donate their power to him, but since they’re one Saiyan short, that’s all it is – more power, which isn’t good enough to match Beerus.]


Son Gohan – 60,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 3,000,000,000

    Black-Haired Super Saiyan – 3,000,000,001

Son Goten – 24,000,000

Trunks – 28,000,000         

Gotenks – 7,800,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 23,400,000,000


    [Here, meanwhile, we assume that the “these guys don’t freaking train” trend has continued, and all of them have continued to lose some power over time. Even more than that, Toei seems to have basically taken Gohan’s Ultimate form away from him in this film and have him use Super Saiyan instead in… well, everything, but then re-colored his hair and aura at the last minute to make him look Ultimate when he “fights” Beerus. That particular sequence of fights does appear to show a “Gohan < Vegeta < Gotenks” power hierarchy, which makes perfect sense with Super Saiyan Gohan but none with massively-stronger Ultimate Gohan.]


Videl – 15

Pan – 0.1




Piccolo – 2,000,000,000

Android 18 – 340,000,000

Kuririn – 150,000

Tenshinhan – 105,000


    [These guys were in the movie too. Kuririn is the only one among these four who didn’t try to fight Beerus, but I included his power level anyway because I enjoy repeatedly pointing out at any given opportunity how he’s stronger than Tenshinhan. Ha. Ha-ha-ha.]


Pilaf – 10

Shu – 2

Mai – 12


    [Are these power levels, or ages? I’ll let YOU decide that!]





"Third time’s (almost) the charm!"

Pilaf – 11

Shu – 3

Mai – 13


    [They’re ages.]

Freeza – 0
    Revived, in pieces – 1
    Regenerated with bonus armor – 530,000
    After Training – 1,300,000 Kiri
    True Form – 120,000,000,000
    Limited Gold Edition – $500 on eBay.

    [This movie is all about Freeza and his… *counts on fingers* ...third attempt at getting revenge on Goku, not counting the “Plot To Whatever The Whatevers” OVA since I’ve never seen it, and come to think of it that wasn’t actually Freeza anyway. Supposedly, Freeza was so friggin’ powerful in his new Golden form that he edged out SSGSS Goku and Vegeta, thus even rivaling Beerus.]

Sorbet – 5,000
    With Ring Laser – 5,000,000,000,000,000
    Playing Hot Potato with Vegeta – 0

Tagoma – 21,999

    Without Oxygen – 0

Shisami – 22,999

    With Anti-Namekian Magic Charm – 2,000,000,000


    [Freeza’s newly-introduced minions play some halfway-major roles in the film. Sorbet is a leader but doesn’t appear to be very strong, unless somehow it wasn’t all just the laser ring that downed SSGSS Goku. Tagoma and Shisami are said to rival Zarbon and Dodoria. But Tagoma never gets a chance to “train” with Freeza and then have his glory stolen by Ginyu in this version, and instead Shisami somehow gives Piccolo a hard time (maybe HE trained with Freeza in this version? I dunno.) before SS Gohan decisively takes him out.]

Grandpa Piccolo – 2,200,000,000
Gohan – 60,000,000
    Super Saiyan – 3,000,000,000
    Not Quite Dead Yet – 1

    [This film ditched any and all pretense from Battle of Gods of Gohan still being even quasi-ultimate, and reverted him to a level where he can still barely go Super Saiyan. But I didn’t give him a power level significantly below his pre-Ultimate Boo-arc self, not just out of pity but also because he’s supposedly still stronger than Piccolo as a Super Saiyan. He’s momentarily kinda-sorta dead after Freeza gut-blows him, but he gets better.]


Kuririn – 150,000
    Saitama Mode – 160,000
Tenshinhan – 110,000

Muten Roshi – 5,000

Jaco – 2,000


    [These guys joined the fight against Freeza’s army too. Kuririn is still the strongest Earthling and thus stronger than Tenshinhan whether people like it or not.
Muten Roshi seems surprisingly strong, directly fighting loads of soldiers on his own. I like to imagine he's been training behind the scenes all these years and has worked himself up to an admirable power level. Which wouldn’t be surprising considering that his pupil, Kuririn the strongest Earthling, spent many years living and most likely training with him.     Jaco wasn’t strong enough to fight an adult Saiyan back in his own story, but it’s been several decades since then, so I’ll assume he’s at least improved a few times over. He still seems to rely a lot on chasing tactics and environmental hazards, so I’ll assume he isn’t as strong as the Earthlings. Especially not the strongest Earthling, Kuririn. Not Tenshinhan. Kuririn.]

Son Goku150,000,000,000
    With Blue Hair - ???????
    Off-Guard. Like, really, REALLY off-guard. Holy moley. – 100
Oh no, a laser ring! My one weakness!" – 10

Vegeta – 140,000,000,000
    With Blue Hair - ??????.5


    [Finally we have the heroes of the movie, or rather, the one glory-hogging, kill-stealing hero and his temporary relief fighter. Goku and Vegeta have become strong enough that Whis said they’d be able to fight toe-to-toe with Beerus if they worked together. That’s presumably only in their Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms though, since Golden Freeza was just a smidgen stronger than them but even he wasn’t quite on Beerus’ level yet.     In his kinda-sorta-godly-powered “base” form, Goku has a solid edge over true-form Freeza, and then is slightly outclassed in his definitely-godly-powered SSGSS form by Golden Freeza. At least, until Freeza’s good ol’ energy drain weakness gets the better of him, and Goku quickly turns the tables. After Goku is unexpectedly downed by the All-Powerful Laser Ring of the Omni-King, but then healed, he hands the fight to Vegeta, who mercilessly pummels the gold right off of Freeza’s face.]





"The power level addict’s wet dream!"


Son Goku – 120,000,001

    Super Saiyan – 6,000,000,050

    Super Saiyan 2 – 12,000,000,100

    Super Saiyan 3 – 48,000,000,400


    [Base Goku's power level is required by fanboy law to be greater than that of 100% Freeza. His strength within each transformation is enough to push back Metal Broli's at every turn.]


Vegeta – 100,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 5,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 10,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 3 – 40,000,000,000


    [Vegeta, in turn, has his hands full on the opposite side of Earth with Android 22 and then Ozotto. But it's nothing he can't handle, now that he's got Super Saiyan 3 like everybody’s wanted him to for sooooo long!]


Kuririn – 150,000


    [Kuririn is here because Kuririn is in every DBZ movie. Every. DBZ. Movie.]


Piccolo – 6,000,000,000

Son Gohan – 130,000,000,000


    [The lean, green, ass-kickin' machine did an admirable job of keeping Ozotto at bay until the monster transformed. Luckily Gohan arrived on the scene to step in for him. Unfortunately, Ozotto's Mega Hyper form's hyper-shield reflection plot powers didn't allow Gohan to inflict any serious damage, despite the massive difference in power.]


Ozotto the Super Monster – 8,000,000,000

    Mega Hyper Ozotto – 16,000,000,000

    Super Rockin' Ozotto – 32,000,000,000


    [As stated by Dr. Jereaux, Ozotto's power doubles with each new transformation. His first form was superior in power to Piccolo but he was still driven into a corner, thanks to Piccolo's natural intensity and never-say-die attitude being enhanced by Bulma's 'Badass Waves' generator.

    His second form is more powerful, but still no match for Gohan, whom Ozotto only survived against thanks to his special shield abilities. In his final form, however, he gains his trademark shape-shifting powers, and by taking the form of Chichi he forces Gohan to leave the battle and go home to read about penguins.]


Dr. Jereaux (Android 23) – 500,000,000

Android 22 – 22,000,000,000


    [Dr. Gero's long-lost grandson carries on his mustachioed grand-pappy’s legacy of hatred, after many long years of growing up and earning a PhD. He not only modifies himself to be a pretty powerful cyborg, but also gives Broli a new robotic body and crafts an all-new Android with incredible power. Jereaux is killed when Broli happens to see video footage of how 17 and 18 murdered Dr. Gero and thinks that'd be hella fun to try. Elsewhere, Android 22 attacks Capsule Corp and is reduced to scrap by SS3 Vegeta.]


Metal Broli – 40,000,000,000

    Merged with Android 22 – 62,000,000,000


    [Broli's new shiny ultra-armored and super-charged exoskeleton skin allows him to defend decently well against SS3 Goku and simultaneously sexually please his own fanboys. But eventually he is forced to integrate the energy core from the shattered remains of Android 22 in order to regain an edge. Yet alas, even then, he is no match for Goku and Vegeta’s awesome movie-tier teamwork.]


Metal Brozotto 22 – 940,000,000,000


    [When all else fails, the villains merge together to form the beastly metallic monstrosity known as Metal Brozotto 22, who stands a towering 22 feet tall and is, like, totally crazy powerful, you guys. Only the hyper-charged Super Saiyan 3 Fusion of Goku and Vegeta can possibly top the might of this nefarious being from the darkest pits of fanon.]


Gogeta – 6,000,000,000

    Super Saiyan 3 – 2,400,000,000,000


    [And there he is.]


Tao Pai Pai (Pure Energy) – 100,000,000,000,000


    [Brozotto has been vanquished thanks to Gogeta, and peace seems to have returned to Earth, when suddenly the evil mastermind behind the entire ordeal makes his appearance at last. First an assassin, then a cyborg, and now a being who has broken the bounds of a mortal form and has ascended to a state of pure cosmic energy. Tao Pai Pai has been waiting in the shadows until the heroes were exhausted and have used up their one hope against him, Fusion. Things look bleak for our heroes, who are at Tao Pai Pai's mercy, until a giant hand holding a pencil appears out of nowhere and literally erases him from existence.]


Son Goten – He's not in this movie.

Trunks – Neither is he.









"Bardock was awesome BEFORE it was cool."



Bardock – 8,001

    Badassery quotient – 500 MegaMcClanes

    After Kanassa – 10,000

    Injured – 7,000

    Not Injured – 10,000

    Allergies acting up – 9,500


Toma – 5,000

Selypa – 4,500

Totepo – 4,000

Pambukin – 3,500


Tora Tora Tora – 1970

Sasha – $400,000 for 12 seconds

Bogus – Like, totally, dude.

Sugesh – “Gesundheit.”


Black-haired Recoome – 3,500

Li’l Vegeta – 6,000

Baby Kakarrot – 2

Baby Broli – Wishes he was as cool as Bardock.


Zarbon – 20,000

Dodoria – 18,000

Dodoria's Elites ~ 6000


Freeza – 529,999


    [I’m gonna just let all these speak for themselves. You know how this works by now.]





"Lean mean killing machines."


Gohan – 3,200,000

    Super Saiyan – 160,000,000

Kid Trunks – 1,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 50,000,000


Future Android 17 – 280,000,000

Future Android 18 – 260,000,000


Kaioshin – Cowering off-world, too afraid to step in to help because Android 17's hair kind of makes an 'M' shape.


    [So I included numbers for the manga version of this story in my normal series list, but the animated version is better No, shut up. It is so here’s some numbers for it. Mad props to Team Four Star for making this special halfway funny, because I sure as heck didn’t have much humor to inject.]




"My little brother can’t be this weak."


Son Goku – 95,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,750,000,000

Vegeta – 93,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 4,650,000,000


Son Goten – 26,000,000

Trunks – 30,000,000         

Gotenks – 280,000,000

    Super Saiyan – 14,000,000,000


Piccolo – 2,500,000,000


Kuririn – 150,000

Tenshinhan – 120,000

Yamcha – 45,000

Chaozu – 35,000


Tarble – 5,000

Gure – 1,000

    Lady Gaga Form (Unseen) – 1,000,000,000


Avo – 650,000

Cado – 650,000



    [In this nifty little special, the characters who train (Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, etc) have made at least minor improvements since the Boo arc, while the people who don’t (Goten, Trunks, Kuririn, etc) have either remained unchanged or lost just a little bit of power.


    Tarble himself is noted as nothing special, at least by Saiyan royal family standards. Avo and Cado were once ranked with the Ginyu Force in power, but are now said to be about as strong as Freeza, and Tarble’s obviously no match for them. Since the default (and only) version of “Freeza” for most of the mortal universe is his first form, I put Avo and Cado just a little bit ahead of that.


    Goten and Trunks are rusty but eventually whoop Avo and Cado’s butts, then Avo and Cado merge into Aka and kick Goten and Trunks’ butts, then Goten and Trunks merge into Gotenks and kick Aka’s butt, then Aka goes all “BLAAAAAARGH” and starts letting loose Super Wahaha-Has all over the place causing havoc which prompts Goku to step in and go Super Saiyan and kick Aka’s butt.


    That last part doesn’t actually make Goku stronger than Gotenks, as some might assume, since he didn’t actually succeed where Gotenks failed in any way. Gotenks was beating up Aka just fine in only his base form, going Super Saiyan merely to show off, but he mysteriously disappears as soon as Aka starts raging out, and then Goten and Trunks are individually back only moments later. Fancy that.]





Hooray, we’re all Super Saiyans!”


Bardock – 25,000

    Super Saiyan 2 – 2,500,000

    Super Saiyan 4 – 250,000,000




Chilled –75,000

    True Form – 500,000

    100% – 5,000,000

    Mecha – 6,000,000

    Golden – 100,000,000




Cavira – 50

Toby – 40

Michael – 45

Kevin – 55







"Toriyama couldn’t pretend to like THIS one."


Goku Parker – 15

    Horny – 20

    Angsty – 18

    After Muten Roshi’s training – 16

    As a big monkey named “Oozaru” – 160

    Not as Oozaru anymore – 80

    Wearing better outfit during the epilogue – 100

    Wielding Nyoibo in promotional photos – 500 


Grandpa Gohan – 20

    Dead – More powerful than you could possibly imagine.


Bulma Croft – 10

    With bigger guns – 15

    With bigger “guns” – 25


Chichi Lang – 10

    As Chun-Li – 1


Carey Fuller – 5

    Destroying Goku’s bike – Over 151 Pokémon to collect

Zarbon – 4

Dodoria – 3

Kwi – 2


Mai Oh Mai – 12

    Without boob window – 6

    As Chichi – 10

    As Bulma – 34C

    As Goku - 4


Mutha-EffinChow Yun-Fat, Biznatches – 8

    As Muten Roshi – 25

    As someone else in a better movie – 1,000


James “I Actually Care About Dragon Ball” Marsters – 6

    As Green Piccolo75

    As White Piccolo2

    As Golden Piccolo – 10,000

    Stronger and back for revenge in the sequel – HAHAHAHA HE SAID SEQUEL

[I have no worthwhile author’s notes for this part. Why are you even reading it? Get help.]